You Are Not a North Cyprus Girl

Stained Glass

An open letter in response to Martina Cole’s recent article in Woman and Home Magazine, where she discusses her home in the north of Cyprus. My quotations are from Martina Cole’s 2012 Daily Mail feature and the article she posted a photograph of on Facebook on May 8th 2015, (both concerning Cyprus) and from her Twitter account. I address her portrayal of Occupied Cyprus as a charmed land and a tourist destination.

My grandmother was a North Cyprus girl. Her village was as far north as you can get, in the Pentadaktilon Mountain range, North of Kyrenia. It is called Agios Amvrosios, (Saint Ambrose) and its local fruit is the apricot. She won’t ever see her village or her subsequent homes in Kyrenia and Famagusta again because she passed away in 2003, and although it was in 1974 that Turkish troops advanced into the north of Cyprus, refugee Cypriots are…

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