Okay,… now for what Outlander Starz has done right!

My Outlander Blog!


Lest you believe that I think Starz has done everything wrong, let me reassure you; I don’t . Far from it.  If you have been following my blog for awhile then you know that I am predominantly positive and stay away from arguing about every little thing. Hopefully, that makes the times I do have a bone to pick hold more weight.  I want to make sure Starz and my readers understand that I know where my bread is buttered!  For God’s sake…they are actually bringing my favorite book series to life!  I’m well aware that this wasn’t done without foresight and risk.

So,…now, here is what I believe STARZ has done well.


They picked Outlander, they could have picked a show to produce with male-centric themes and familiar plots.  Instead, they chose to tell a different kind of story.  A story that was genre-bending and…

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