New Interview of Outlander Cast and Crew with Mashable

Outlander Online


From Mashable

There will be surprises even for book readers

Adapting the first book was a piece of cake compared to the challenge that faced the Outlanderwriters in Season 2. Where as Book 1 had a fairly linear narrative, Book 2 — for those who haven’t read — has jumps in time periods, conspiracies, mental chess play and much more.

“As a result, the process of adaptation was much more difficult,” says executive producer Ronald D. Moore. “”We made more changes as a result. You just ended up trying to press this stuff into the hour format and also just make it coherent to the audience who hadn’t read the book.”

As has been talked about for months, Season 2 will also see Jamie and Claire shift a bit away from fighting with swords and brawn to fighting with their minds. In this there’s a risk, Moore admits, but “the…

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