New Photos and Interview of Outlander Cast in The Telegraph

Outlander Online


From The Telegraph:

It’s sexier than ‘Poldark’ and more grounded than ‘Game of Thrones’. Lucy Davies on the joys of ‘Outlander’

Midway through season one of Outlander, the sword and sex-charged drama set in 18th Century Scotland, there’s a spanking scene in which a newly-married husband – Jamie – takes a leather belt to the bare derriere of his wife, Claire, because she disobeyed an order and put his and other lives in jeopardy. She retaliates by kicking her husband in the jaw and calling him a sadist.

It’s one of three scenes producer Ron D Moore considered key, when adapting the series for television. That the others were a wedding night and a male rape, gives you some idea of the realms the show dares to plumb. “Figuring out far to go; not wanting to flinch or be gratuitous, required delicate handling,” says Moore.

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