New Caitriona Balfe, Terry Dresbach and Sam Heughan Interview with InStyle

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Caitriona Balfe, Terry Dresbach and Sam Heughan interview with InStyle


From InStyle

Red carpet looks aside, the handsome duo were mostly eager to take a look at the six-window display outside of the Midtown department store. They posed with Dresbach, who couldn’t believe what she saw. “It’s surreal. It is absolutely and totally surreal. How does this happen, how is it possible? I would never, ever, ever believe that that was going to happen,” she told InStyle,referring to the glittery showcase.

The talent moved on to explain just how hard she and her team work. One of the dresses inside the windows, for example, took two months to piece together. “All the fabrics are hand painted, so I wanted to showcase the kind of work my team does,” she said pointing to another frock, adding, “That is just a rocking, incredible dress. The flowered one, even then this one…

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