New Interview with Ron D. Moore from Entertainment Weekly

Outlander Online


From EW:

In anticipation of the season 2 premiere of Outlander (April 9 on Starz), EW talked to Ronald D. Moore on location in England about the challenges in adapting Diana Gabaldon’s second book Dragonfly in Amber for the small screen, and whether the evil Black Jack Randall (played by the terrific Tobias Menzies) will show up in France.

Did you feel like you needed a happy ending to season 1 to keep the viewers coming back?
RONALD D. MOORE: An audience will go just about anywhere you ask them to go as long as you’re telling a good story. They’ll just keep suffering with characters over and over again. I did like the idea of at least some light at the end of the tunnel because I had asked the audience to go through two very intense, really emotional episodes at the end.

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