The return of the King….of Men…my reflection on Outlander epis

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I’m sitting here in the early morning hours after having watched Outlander episode 5 and trying to give words to my impressions.  Although we were treated to The King of France in his caped and emblazoned uniform it was another King that caught my eye. “Untimely Resurrection” ?  Not for me.  James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, King of Men, was resurrected today.  We’ve come full circle.  Today, I saw the Jamie and Claire we have all been waiting for…

This episode was full of wonderful moments of character development (mark me Sandringham is no fool), irony, and subtle foreshadowing.

Jamie and Claire


I was thrilled to see the show open with these quiet moments with Jamie and Claire. Their dialogue with each other was so natural.  There wasn’t any hesitancy, no carefully measured words.  They were totally and completely present with each other.  What ever wall stood between them has…

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